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Using Medical Equipment Financing to Overcome Common Roadblocks to Purchasing Equipment

Using Medical Equipment Financing to Overcome Common Roadblocks to Purchasing Equipment

By Dani Vaughan

When it comes to equipping your facility with the proper tools and devices that are needed to take care of your patients, there are a few roadblocks that may prevent you from getting the best equipment for your hospital’s situation.

Med One Group offers a variety of medical equipment financing solutions to help you around these roadblocks. We provide financing options that are flexible and precisely tailored to you and your facility’s needs.

Roadblock #1 - Freeze on Capital Budget

Funds may not be available due to budget cuts or funding regulations. With an operating lease, you can have a fixed term payment schedule that will give you the lowest possible monthly payment. At the end of the set lease time frame, you can either return the equipment or purchase it at fair market value.

Roadblock #2 - Forced into Rentals

When a hospital or medical facility can't get the budget approval to purchase new equipment, other flexible options must be considered. An equity rental through Med One allows you to get brand new equipment. In turn, you will only pay a low monthly payment. Once the capital budget is allocated, you can purchase the equipment, with 50% of your rental payments going towards the purchase price. Monthly payments can be made from the operating budget, and equipment can be returned at any time.

Roadblock #3 - Reluctant to Commit

Many times, when it comes to financing equipment for your facility, you might feel that you are forced into signing a contract that doesn't fit your needs. At Med One, we believe medical equipment financing solutions should be customized to fit YOUR needs.

Roadblock #4 - Balance Sheet

Let us help you move costs off the balance sheet to potentially improve your credit rating. Start with lower payments that will gradually increase over time or even delay payments for up to 12 months. We have structured many deals based on deferring payments, followed by a single full payment after the deferral period.

Roadblock #5 - Limited Access

If your hospital has been turned down by other financing institutions before, give us a chance to show you the options that could work for you. Our quick credit review process and customer friendly documentation makes medical equipment financing simple and easy to understand.