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What Are the Advantages of Using an IV Syringe Pump

What Are the Advantages of Using an IV Syringe Pump

A syringe pump is an excellent medicine delivery method in palliative care. These patients are typically unable to tolerate or self-manage an oral medication, and as a result, the syringe pump allows for continuous administration over a set period. One of their most significant advantages is delivering a small amount of medicine at a decreased rate.

Elevated Patient Care Services

The number one priority in any healthcare facility is the level of patient care administered. If any biomedical devices are behind on inspection and maintenance, this can drastically impair the facility’s ability to provide proper care. When healthcare professionals know their equipment receives routine maintenance, they’re more confident in the level of care they can deliver.

Let’s look at some more advantages of using an IV syringe pump and how these pumps assist patients.

Using a Syringe Pump

Staff in all care facilities must have adequate training before use. Following all procedures and policies is imperative as well as discussing these matters with the patient. Things like patient identity, compatibility, and drug verification are key when using a syringe pump. Most caregivers use syringe pumps with smart pump technology to help limit errors when programming a dose.

The Advantages

A common misconception of the syringe pump is its association with death. However, they are helpful in various care plans where smaller precise medicine administration is needed. It’s essential to outline with the patient’s family and friends to understand general awareness.

A significant advantage of using a syringe pump is that caregivers can use continuous subcutaneous infusion (CSCI). This creates a constant flow of serum and achieves increased symptom management compared to recurrent dosing. A few other important benefits to note include:

  • An increase in comfort due to a decrease in repetitive injections
  • Controlling multiple symptoms with drug combinations
  • A lightweight device allows for mobility and maintained independence
  • Typical loads only need one refill in a 24-hour period
  • No gaps in comfort due to a consistent administration of therapeutic drugs


The advantages of using an IV syringe pump contribute to positive patient outcomes and ease within a care facility. Ensuring you follow all required procedures can create a well-managed care pathway. These devices play significant roles in symptom management and do not signal a death sentence for the patient.

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