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What To Consider When Purchasing Medical Equipment

What to Consider When Purchasing Medical Equipment

Taking on the risk of purchasing new medical equipment can increase budget burdens and deplete an organization’s resources. Outside of the financial aspects, all healthcare facilities want to be at the leading edge of healthcare technology, and sometimes, this means upgrading devices. Here are some critical things to consider before investing in new equipment.

How Cost-Effective Is the Purchase?

New medical technology and equipment can cost thousands of dollars. If an organization has a technology savings account, it may be able to consider these upgrades more often, but many facilities cannot afford new equipment price tags on their own.

Partnering with trusted medical equipment finance companies is one of the most cost-effective ways for organizations to acquire new equipment with the most advanced technology. Determine whether the cost to purchase or lease the equipment is suitable for your facility and take into account the additional support that many leasing contracts contain.

Post-Purchase Care and Support

Most devices will require routine maintenance and support. Through an outright purchase, a facility is responsible for these costs 100 percent. The advantage of a leasing contract affords organizations the ability to receive routine maintenance to ensure device optimization, typically without additional fees. The cost to have the equipment serviced on demand is invaluable for fast-paced environments.

Overall Equipment Usability

A significant factor you should always consider before purchasing new medical equipment, whether on a lease or outright, is how usable this device is to your facility. For equipment that is only used sometimes or rarely, it may not be the most budget-friendly purchase.

In comparison, devices that receive daily or consistent use should always be a priority in budget allocation and upgrades. You want to ensure the most common pieces of equipment remain healthy to avoid code errors and malfunction, as they directly link to a patient’s outcomes.

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