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Why Med One?

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By Ibby Smith Stofer

Why Choose to do business with Med One Capital?

Med One Capital has a long history of successfully discovering the needs and pain points of its customers. As a company we serve two unique customer markets: healthcare providers and vendor partners. While both are unique, both equally value Med One's understanding of their needs and pains.

By studying healthcare providers, we uncover not only the needs and pain points of these customers but those of our medical device vendor partners as well.

Healthcare transition is not new; rather it is more like a continual journey for those who have chosen to serve this market. The old blue hospital sign used to be the destination. Today it is often the foundation of a much larger, more complex system of facilities, services, and staff who serve communities as well as patients. This is one more step along the route of transitioning healthcare.

Looking backwards in time we can see that the "hospital market" began with the community hospital, which grew to include the larger urban and often teaching hospital, and now includes integrated delivery networks of several owned, managed or affiliated hospitals. Mergers and acquisitions continue, and with the change to pay-for-performance and the impact of reimbursement reductions and penalties our physicians began to be employees.

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Now the population health movement has once again changed the landscape and call points for companies serving healthcare providers. Nursing homes, at-home care, pharmacies, surgery centers, and other free-standing service centers, in addition to the ever-changing profile of the acute care market, make knowing how to meet a variety of needs and identify pain points very complex and challenging. It often requires new approaches by suppliers or vendors. It also impacts the healthcare center and its business practices and decision processes.

Med One Capital has continued to evolve with these market dynamics. Over the last two and a half decades we have grown from a new entry into healthcare finance in early 1990's to one of the industry leaders today. We have made many transitions to expand our services to both our healthcare and vendor customers. We offer medical equipment leasing, rental, sales and servicing. We provide simple documents based on a thorough understanding of the healthcare customer along with painless and fast credit approval without placing a burden on either the vendor or the provider.

Our rapidly expanding rental services teams are demonstrating that we are a force to be reckoned with in the rental area as well. We offer technology choices, prompt and simple processes, and competitive rates along with truly patient-ready technology.

Our off-lease team has demonstrated time and again that by both inbound and outbound sales and marketing we extend our reach to schools, EMS providers, surgery centers and other sites. Again, the prompt and simple documents and process along with competitive pricing have developed loyal, repeat customers.

Lest we forget, not all hospitals have in-house biomedical staff and so they need assistance in this area. Med One offers manufacture-trained technicians and uses manufacturers' original parts to repair most of our vendor partners' equipment. We offer this to aid the rural community hospitals and other facilities that value quality at a price they can afford.

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For our vendor partners we offer training for their sales teams to aid them in knowing what financial options may best meet the needs of their customers. We will work with the account to insure that we provide financing that truly meets and aligns with their goals. We offer to attend sales meetings and be an extension of their efforts to close business. At either the customer's or sales rep's request we are happy to engage with the customer directly to insure we have covered all their needs and concerns.

So if you think that you may need help, please give us a call or visit our website to further explore how we can help you, whether you are on the healthcare provider side, a commercial customer, a vendor to either. We are here to help and we know our stuff. Give us a try; we know you will be pleased.