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Why You Should Consider Renting Medical Equipment before Buying

Why You Should Consider Renting Medical Equipment before Buying

Technology has led to various medical equipment inventions, thus leaving nurses with limited time to learn about the uses of this equipment efficiently. Battery failure, software defect, inadequate knowledge of using the device are some of the reasons why IV infusion pumps fail. Unfortunately, incorrectly administering intravenous infusion fluids can lead to medical injuries. Nonetheless, there are ways of preventing such errors.

First, the clinician needs to know how to set up an IV infusion pump. When a clinic acquires new equipment, it's important not to assume that the nurses know how to use it. They should, therefore, train by reading extensively through the manual provided before using the system. Secondly, they should learn how to program an IV pump. In this case, instead of working alone to program an IV pump, do it as a team until you're conversant with the new lightweight infusion pumps.

The other solution is to consider hospital equipment rentals. You should know that some equipment is out of the equation of renting and therefore you have to buy. However, renting lightweight infusion pumps can be the right choice. Let's look at the advantages of renting IV pumps.

It Gives You a Chance to Try New Technology

As a physician, you shouldn't compromise the quality of medical care you give to your patients. In that context, you can rent equipment until you have enough funds to purchase one. Fortunately, you'll be using the new advanced equipment and familiarizing yourself with how it functions.

To Build a Reputation

Infusion pumps are some of the medical devices that evolve fast. Moreover, they require frequent maintenance. So, if a patient comes in when there is no extra infusion pump because they are under maintenance, your clinic will look outdated.

However, a temporary solution is renting lightweight infusion pumps as your other devices are under maintenance. Moreover, it will provide you with a chance to experiment with new equipment. For instance, if you've been using Baxter IV pumps, rent Alaris smart pumps and find the difference in user interface design.

Should you rent or buy infusion pumps?

The answer depends on your facility's situation. There are advantages to both renting or buying infusion pumps. Renting can be advantageous because it gives you time to familiarize with the technology before investing your money. Nonetheless, ensure you're renting or buying the equipment from a reputable medical equipment provider.