B Braun Infusomat Infusion Pump



The B Braun Infusomat is a large volume infusion pump and is a great option when looking for a small, lightweight, and versatile IV pump.

Created specifically for use in pediatric and acute care facilities, this B Braun pump allows for flexibility and ease of use that is efficient within all care settings. Also called the Infusomat Space pump, it’s unique shape and design allows for multiple pumps to be stacked vertically to minimize the space it takes up in a patient’s room and provide increased versatility.

During the design and creation of Infusomat, B Braun spent more than 100 hours of usability testing and had a total of 100 registered, practicing nurses and anesthesiologists participate in a variety of tests. It was one of the first pumps to be cleared by the FDA’s new human factor and usability engineering process. The process is used to assist in testing equipment to maximize the likelihood that new medical devices will be safe and effective for their intended users and environments.

Additional Features of the B Braun Infusomat:

  • Easily Stackable
  • Extensive Drug Library that is Customizable
  • Weight: 3lbs
  • Continuous and Piggyback Modes
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Can be attached to an IV pole with appropriate pole clamp

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