Percussionaire Corp IPV-2C Intrapulmonary Percussionator



A reliable solution for addressing secretion clearance, relieving hyperinflation, and facilitating lung recruitment, Sentec IPV Therapy stands out as an effective, safe, and well-tolerated airway clearance therapy suitable for diverse patient groups, various care settings, and delivery interfaces. This therapy harnesses the unique mechanism of the Phasitron to restore gas exchange capacity.

The IPVĀ® 2C distinguishes itself with customizable percussive amplitude and frequency settings, allowing for a personalized approach to efficiently mobilize and clear retained secretions. It effectively addresses diffuse, patchy atelectasis, presenting a versatile range of applications for patients. With a full array of customizable options and the added benefit of demand CPAP, Sentec IPV Therapy offers a comprehensive solution for a broad spectrum of patient needs.

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