Blue Chip Adapt Pro Elite Mattress



The Blue Chip Adapt Pro Elite™ Alternating Pressure Enhanced Low Air Loss Mattress with Patient Sensing Technology (PST) is the latest technology for the customized treatment and prevention of stages I-IV pressure sores. This newest technology allows clinicians and caregivers to give patients the optimal therapeutic surface that they need. Med One provides rentals of both the mattress and the blower unit to healthcare facilities. Bed frames are rented separately.

The most distinguishing features of Blue Chip Adapt Pro Elite™ are:

  • It is designed to fit all standard hospital beds
  • The mattress supports patient weights up to 400 lbs
  • User-friendly controls and ease of setup make Adapt Pro Elite™ make it ideal for hospital use.
  • Dual bladder design maintains air and prevents patients from bottoming out during power outages.
  • CPR Valve quickly deflates alternating pressure mattress system and side bolster for medical emergencies.
  • A two-position fowler position sensor automatically adjusts the mattress to ensure proper pressure redistribution.
  • Ventilated Low Air Loss Cover enhances therapy and helps create and control micro-climate.

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