Linet Sprint 100 Premium Transport Stretcher



The Sprint 100 transport stretcher is known for its reliability and durability, boasting premium features that enhance patient flow within hospital settings. Crafted to optimize patient flow, safety, and recovery, the Sprint 100 offers efficient transportation and a dependable design, prioritizing patient comfort. Maintaining a consistent ergonomic posture is made possible by the innovative IV&DriveĀ® concept, enabling caregivers to maneuver the stretcher effortlessly from various heights.

Equipped with a 4-section deck, foot controls, and a built-in angle indicator, the Sprint 100 can be adjusted into multiple positions, including cardiac chair, vascular leg, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg. Ergonomic braking is facilitated by the Easy Brake system, allowing caregivers to release or activate the brakes with ease using the foot lever, ensuring clear visibility and ergonomic operation. Smooth driving is ensured with the FlexiDrive system, featuring a 5th caster that aids in steering, navigating uneven surfaces, and absorbing shocks.

Durability is a hallmark feature, with the innovative IV&DriveĀ® technology enabling the stretcher to be safely pushed using IV poles without the risk of damage. Its lightweight yet sturdy design, coupled with high-quality materials, enhances its longevity. Infection control is prioritized through the column design and access to the undercarriage, facilitating easy cleaning. Siderails covering most of the patient's body offer caregiver access, while the SoftDrop function ensures a gentle and controlled lowering to prevent hand entrapment.

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