Pensar Medical WoundPro Pump



The Pensar Medical WoundPro Pump is a portable wound vac that provides effective negative pressure wound therapy. The control panel has an easy to read display and the ability to adjust the pressure from 0 to -220mmHg. It offers all three negative pressure therapies: Continuous, Intermittent and Variable Intermittent. Have peace of mind with that WoundPro pump as it has automatic and continuous system checks and alarms to make sure therapy is running smoothly. For any facility with negative pressure therapy and portable wound vac needs the Pensar WoundPro pump is an excellent choice.

Control Unit

  • Easy to Use and Program
  • No repeated inservices
  • Offers all three NPWT therapies with no restrictions on pressures or cycle times
  • Most powerful pump in the industry
  • Best at overcoming micro-leaks; limiting leak alarms
  • A full complement of patient safety alarms
  • Always in Lock-Out mode to eliminate untrained users from changing settings

Dressing Kits

  • Measure pressure at the wound site
  • Medical grade foam with 40-45 pores per inch
  • Helps to eliminate ingrowth
  • Sure-Lock connectors for positive connections and eliminates clamps
  • Soft and malleable StingRay suction flange


  • Semi-opaque for checking exudate levels but masks unsightly content
  • 300 and 800cc sizes available
  • Canister illumination feature for checking levels without disrupting patient sleep
  • Equipped with solidifier and odor eliminator
  • Available with 5 or 8-foot connecting tubes for convenience

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