Medivance Arctic Sun 5000



Arctic Sun™ Stat TTM system, combined with ArcticGel™ Pads, offers a non-invasive approach to monitoring and regulating patient temperature across adult and pediatric demographics. Here are the key features:

  • Non-Invasive System: The Arctic Sun™ Stat TTM system is designed to be portable and non-invasive, providing ease of use and comfort for patients of all ages.
  • Touch Screen Display: The system is equipped with a user-friendly touch screen display, allowing clinicians to easily navigate and control the temperature management process.
  • Temperature Regulation: The system monitors patient temperature continuously and makes automatic adjustments to achieve a pre-set temperature determined by the clinician. This ensures precise temperature control tailored to individual patient needs.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of the patient is ensured, with alerts and alarms to notify clinicians of any conditions that may compromise patient safety or system performance. This feature enhances patient safety and allows for prompt intervention if necessary.
  • Fluctuation Monitoring: The system continuously monitors fluctuations in water temperature, providing valuable insights into patient condition and indicating when the patient may be generating excess heat. This allows clinicians to adjust cooling measures accordingly and maintain optimal temperature management.
Overall, the Arctic Sun™ Stat TTM system, along with ArcticGel™ Pads, offers a comprehensive solution for non-invasive temperature management in both adult and pediatric patients, ensuring precise control, continuous monitoring, and enhanced patient safety.

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