Written By: Troy Tait

Leaves changing colors One of my favorite things about living in Utah is seasonal changes. Outside my window, there are several trees. I love watching the features of the trees change as the seasons progress. In the winter, the snow and frost attaches to the branches, causing the trees to sparkle in the sunlight. In the spring, the trees bud and begin to grow new leaves. In the summer, the trees are covered with lush green leaves. In the fall, my favorite time of year, the leaves explode with color as they turn bright yellow and red.

Like the season changes, there are many changes in life. Some are good and some are not so good. As I gain life experience (a creative way of saying I am getting old) I have noticed many changes. Routine activities now require three to four days of recovery time. A triple scoop ice cream cone that used to make my calf muscles look bigger now conveniently stops at my waist. My kids, who were once asking me to help tie their shoes, are now buying me shoes with velcro straps or slip-ons so they don’t have to help me.

Change comes in many forms. Sometimes change comes as a surprise. Other times change comes as an expectation. In every situation, our reaction determines the lasting effects more so than the change itself. I remember changing moments I’ve had throughout my life. Without fail, the response of a friend or loved one would be, “The change will be good for you.” If we choose to embrace change and learn from it, positive results will come.

Depending on your perspective, change can have either a positive or negative outcome. Despite my displeasure with winter’s cold weather, the cold weather makes me appreciate the warmth on that first spring day. Those spring rain storms that ruin our outdoor activities provide water for our summertime fun at the lake or pool. An uncomfortably hot summer allows me to enjoy that first crisp fall night.

Change is inevitable. It will come in every aspect of our lives. At times it will bring great joy and happiness and other times it will bring sadness and pain. Regardless of what the change might be, our minds determine the outcome. Embrace change and make the most of it. It might actually be good for you.

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