Driving to Work

Written By: Troy Tait

Leaves changing colors Each morning on my drive to work, there is a 2 1/2 mile stretch of road. Each day I watch the cars who are coming from the opposite direction. If they are driving fast, I know the police are not out. If they are all clumped together driving the speed limit, I know something is up and it is probably best to drive the speed limit. My system is pretty accurate and has provided some entertaining moments as cars go flying by me only to see their brake lights go on after it is too late.

Now I don’t want to imply that I am out there speeding every day the police are not on the road. In fact, I would say I am pretty good at following the laws of the road. Many would think the lesson I learn is when to speed and when not to. Actually, this example has taught me a lot–most importantly, learn from those who have been where you are going.

Sometimes in life we get so caught up in our own ways that we fail to learn valuable lessons that will ultimately help us succeed. We tend to think we know better than someone who is younger than us claiming they don’t have enough experience. Or how about the older person who doesn’t really know because times are different now. I say there are lessons to learn in every situation. Some lessons show the best way to do something and others show the things to avoid.

If you are lucky enough to occasionally travel down a new road, make sure you stop and enjoy the journey. Now I know there are some who are saying, but what about the times when we go down a road that no one else has been on. When we don’t have anyone coming from the direction we are heading to teach us. Well, to be honest, those are probably the best roads to take. Of course, there are usually a lot of challenges along the way but also a lot of learning opportunities. If you are lucky enough to occasionally travel down a new road, make sure you stop and enjoy the journey. Then when you have reached your destination and are travelling back, make sure you share what you have learned with those who are going to follow that road.

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