Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

Written By: Troy Tait

Taylor and Kenzie With Trophies

Recently one evening I had a chance to sit down and watch a little TV. As I sat there searching for the perfect show, I came across several infomercials. Some offered kitchen gadgets that would allow you to cook perfect food in a matter of minutes, without all the calories. Another channel offered a workout program that was so good you would burn off fat just thinking about using it. And don’t forget the amazing all in one vacuum cleaner, carpet steamer, barbecue grilling, painting device, that no one can live without.

While many of these products are probably pretty good, I really started to wonder if any of them really lived up to all the hype. Once I finally found the show I wanted to watch I became more interested thinking about the infomercials. With each one, I asked myself, “Does that company really do what they say they do?” Then I asked myself, “Does Med One really do what we say we do?” The answer to that question is yes.

This answer became more evident to me as I took the opportunity to visit with several of our employees to hear their perspective on the service we provide. I met with individuals in all areas of our business, from sales, to marketing, to deliveries. People who have been with the company several years and some who have just started. Regardless of the position or the time of service with the Med One, the perspective of each employee was the same, we take care of our customers and make sure their needs are meet.

"At Med One, we work quickly to resolve any issues that might arise – regardless of the cause."

That is part of the unique culture of Med One. We are truly driven by our customers and our employees understand that it is our customers who keep us in business. While we strive to provide the absolute best service possible, there are instances where things don’t go as planned. In my opinion, these are the times when you really find out just how much a company lives up to their claim of “excellent customer service”. At Med One, we work quickly to resolve any issues that might arise – regardless of the cause.

Another area in which I believe we excel is the quality of our rental and pre-owned equipment. I have seen first-hand the time and effort that goes into making our equipment patient ready. It is much more than just a wipe down with a disinfecting cloth. There have been many times when equipment comes to us and I think there is no way we will be able to make it patient ready. I continue to be proven wrong as our team of equipment technician’s take the steps to properly clean, repair, and rebuild to a level that the device can safely be used on a patient. This is just another example of Med One doing what we can to provide the best possible service.

It is one thing to say we will do something and another to actually do it. The culture of Med One, in all areas of the company, is to provide our customers with products, services, and solutions that will meet their needs. Our employees truly believe this and work very hard to give our customers an exceptional experience. I don’t think you will ever see an infomercial for Med One, but if you did, we would be one of the companies that lived up to the promises made. I have been with the company since 1994 and this message has been true since that very first day. We do everything we can to talk the talk then walk the walk.

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