Lasting Experiences

Written By: Chris Enger

Jackson Park Hospital

This week I was finally able to go to a concert that I had been dying to see for years. They have been making music for nearly 22 years, and I purchased tickets months ago. The anticipation was high.

The band was touring after the release of their latest album. So one would think that the concert would simply cover a couple of their former hits and cover much of their new material. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

In the end, the band played for nearly three and a half hours, preforming 25 songs that covered every album in their 22-year, 10 album anthology. It was surreal watching these performers string out hits they’ve likely played thousands of times as though it was their first time. It was a fantastic experience that had me thinking about Med One Group, our customers, and how much time we spend with our customers. How do we help them, and how do we treat them?

First, as I was walking into the concert we were discussing how long the concert would be. We figured, based on past concerts, we would be done in two hours. The concert went on for nearly three and a half hours. This wasn’t an exception, this band spends three plus hours preforming at every concert on this tour. That’s relatively unheard of in the industry. That type of time commitment makes me think about the amount of time we at Med One put into working with our customers, whether they are hospitals, vendors, schools or distributors. The time we put into serving our customers reflects on our ongoing relationship with them. It is very easy to get lost in the “get it done and move on” in today’s marketplace so putting in the time will, and does, set Med One Group apart from other companies.

The second thought I had was that at most concerts, after the release of a new album, the band will focus on preforming songs from the new album, with the exception of maybe one or two older hits. At this concert, the band played songs from every album with a selective few promoting their new album. Every concert goer was able to hear songs from their favorite album regardless of what album that may have been.

At Med One Group, we can sometimes get lost in the “old staples” we use to help our customers obtain equipment, that we can ignore some of the new ideas and strategies that can help us instead. We have a unique business model that allows us to cater proposals to the needs of our customer. If the “old classics” don't work, we can always try a “new hit” approach.

“My experience at the concert was fantastic and I’ll never forget it, just as I hope our customers have a great experience working with us, and never forget it.”

Lastly, the front man for the group has been writing music and touring for over 30 years. He’s been all over the planet and plays in front of hundreds of thousands of fans and yet, he made our concert feel like it was his first, both new and exciting. His level of engagement with the crowd was so much fun to watch and I never felt like he was just going through the motions. He loved what he was doing and it showed.

Sometimes we can get lost in the day to day grind of our work and fall into going through the motions. That can be the most difficult challenge of our jobs. To maintain a level of engagement that makes our customers feel like they are our number one priority takes work and focus, but it is worth it. This will help maintain long term relationships that become more than just a means to transact business. Those relationships become ways two parties can help one another. My experience at the concert was fantastic and I’ll never forget it, just as I hope our customers have a great experience working with us, and never forget it.

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