Changed For Good

Written By: Jeff Easton

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I recently heard someone say that Med One is a little different now, that our story has changed, and was talking about this in, perhaps not a completely positive manner, I am here to COMPLETELY AGREE that some things have changed and they have changed for the better. The changes that have been made at Med One are extremely positive. We have adapted and as a niche oriented entity it is extremely significant that Med One stays nimble, adapts to change, and most importantly, that we don’t just rest on our laurels, but instead move forward with confidence and do things that will make Med One an improved company. By continuing to do this we will increase our customer service to our wonderful customer base of over 2,000 different medical entities. We recently have grown to over 100 employees, when I began my employment here nearly 11 years ago, I was employee #37.

For the last 27 years, since 1991, Med One has done a good job of demonstrating how we bring value to our market place, what makes us important to the market place, and what has allowed us to stay in the niche that has been created. I have now been with Med One for nearly 11 years and it has been a great experience. We have had all had challenges that each of us have had to face over the last 11 years, we here at Med One have decided to take what could be a time of uncertainty and to seek new opportunities to excel. We have decided to lift ourselves and others as well, by developing an attitude of optimism and refusing to remain in the realm of discouraging thoughts.

We have been able to adapt, understand the market, and what our vendor partners and customers need. We have developed NEW fantastic capital partners who allow us to do what we do best and that is “Making Medical Equipment Available.” We have developed a rental capability with eight locations throughout the nation. We have become a much stronger company as we have recognized the value that we bring to the niche that we work in.

The first 27 years of Med One have been fantastic, we have gone from a company that started with just a few transactions on the books to one that now has thousands; a company that started by servicing just a couple of customers to a company that has and does service thousands and provides services with leasing, rental, services and repair; a company that started with only a couple of vendors to one that now does transactions with many different vendors with multiple core vendors; and a company that has true fantastic capital partner relationships.

“ If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. ”

The next 27 years and how we react will become even more important than the first 27 years as we will not be allowed to rest. We will continue to generate new transactions, develop new customer relationships and continue to improve our current customer relationships. We will continue to develop new vendor relationships and continue to fortify our existing vendor relationships, and to develop new capital partners as well as strengthen even more so our exiting capital partner relationships. Over the past few years we have evolved from a technological stand point as well. We have been able to handle our large increase of business over the past few years without any issues, as we have implemented new systems, processes, and key employees. In addition, we have already put in place the ability to even transact more business than we currently do without affecting the flow of our normal business process. We are now ready to just take advantage of economies of scale.

Med One has put and will continue to put key customer, vendor and capital partner relationships, internal personnel, systems, and processes in place to serve the market and niche that we work in. As we have grown and increased our customer, vendor, and capital partner relationships we have become a stronger partner for everyone that we work with, this is advantageous for everyone. It is now more important than ever that Med One stay tuned-in to the market and what is needed by our customers and vendors so the next 27 years will be even more successful than the first 27 years.

With an emphasis in the medical industry Med One has an understanding of the specific challenges healthcare professionals face. The Med One philosophy is simple: determine and exceed the needs of our customers. With every deal, our focus is to provide for our customers' needs by helping them acquire equipment when they lack the funds to pay for it. Whether it's equipment financing or rental, equipment sales or services, Med One has solutions that work.

Equipment Financing

Creative financing options available with ability to customize for each specific customer.

Equipment Rentals

Peak need, long term, equity rental, and rent-to-own options available.

Equipment Sales

Off-lease inventory of pre-owned equipment and new equipment directly from leading manufacturers.

Equipment Service and Repair

Authorized service provided by our certified biomed team using OEM parts.

We are dedicated to our customers and vendors and to listening to them and working with them to become even more improved partners. I am so grateful to be part of a wonderful company that truly does care about all of our customers, vendors, capital partners, and employees. It is refreshing to come to work every day and it makes you want to work even more diligently to service the needs of all of those whom we have the privilege of working with. May the next 27 years be a time where Med One makes even a larger impact on the niche in which we service in “Making Medical Equipment Available.”

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