Setting Employees Up For Success

Med One Corporate Wellness 2018

Written By: Grady Brown

A few years ago, movie goers were given free popcorn as part of an experiment. Both medium and large buckets were offered. Some of the popcorn was fresh and tasty, and some of the popcorn had been left out for 5 days, making it good and stale (although still safe to eat).

After the movie they were asked to return the containers with any uneaten popcorn and fill out a satisfaction survey. The leftover popcorn was then weighed. The movie goers that were given large buckets of fresh popcorn ate 43% more than those who were given medium containers. Interestingly, those provided with a large bucket of stale popcorn still ate 33.6% more than those who received medium buckets, even though their surveys described their popcorn experience as “eating styrofoam.”

Brian Wansink, a Cornell professor and the author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think, ran this experiment in 2005. He’s replicated the results in similar experiments involving plate size, glass size, etc. He makes a strong case that eating the right amount is much less about will power and more about your situation.

With this principle in mind, senior leadership at Med One met during the fall of 2017 and thoroughly reviewed the existing employee benefit offering. With the aim of closing any gaps in overall employee coverage, a number of enhancements have been adopted and implemented in 2018. Med One employees now have insured protection in all aspect of their lives from the time they become eligible for benefits, through the life events of physical/mental health, disability, and even loss of life. In addition, the company has implemented new activity incentives which are designed to reward employees who are active on a regular basis. Also included in our corporate wellness goals are company paid annual meetings, regular company purchased lunches and treats, holiday celebrations, birthday and employment anniversary recognition, and paid time off.

By putting these benefits in close proximity, Med One employees are in a better position to make good choices and experience personal and thereby, organizational success. Operating a quality, well run business is a by-product of engaged, competent and motivated employees. Med One is doing business the right way.

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