Med One to One Spring/Summer TWENTY NINETEEN ISSUE 60

View From The Field
La Mirada, California

Written By: Dathan Calvert

View From The Field La Mirada Los Angeles California

There is no typical day at Med One La Mirada. Many things differ from day to day, depending on the needs of nearly 100 different hospitals in the LA area that we service. That being said, there are some things that you can count on. Each day we complete around 40 face to face transactions with our customers. We bring them equipment, pick up their used rentals that are no longer needed, and provide field service for our rental equipment. We have drivers staffed 24 hours a day at our office, and collectively they travel nearly 600 miles each day to get this done.

In La Mirada, we have three shifts of drivers that work seven days a week. We have equipment cleaners, biomedical technicians, managers, customer service personnel, and sales reps all working together for one common goal. Our goal is to deliver the best service possible for our customers. For many of these hospitals, the equipment is the same no matter what company you call. The service we provide is what sets us apart from our competitors, and helps the hospitals determine who they will partner with for their rental needs. Our service starts with each phone call that is answered by a Med One employee no matter what time of day we are called.

At Med One, we have three pillars of success, Creativity, Simplicity, and Responsiveness, which make up a solid foundation for our culture. We use these pillars every day in La Mirada while focusing on and beyond our customers. The end-user of our equipment is a patient in need. We focus on this whenever our services are called on. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or the middle of the night, we are prepared, and we deliver. We do whatever it takes to ensure sick babies don’t have to wait for treatment, sore patients don’t have to wait for therapy, and families are at ease knowing their loved ones have the equipment they need. We play an often-unknown role in serving and healing our communities, and we take pride in what we do every day.

Running a 24/7 operation, you are always planning for what might happen next. We do everything in our power to prepare as we learn our customers and their habits.

Each day we pick up equipment. We start the process of cleaning the equipment in our designated decontamination area. Then, each unit is inspected by our factory-trained biomedical technicians and repaired and configured using OEM parts. This is another area that separates us from the competition. Some companies train their driving staff in house to perform inspections following their provided inspection checklist. In a hospital, these items may only be checked every 6-12 months, but we treat them the same every time they return. We may inspect the same piece of equipment multiple times in a single month. This results in the highest quality product hitting the door at the hospital to treat their patients. Being responsive in these areas ensures we have a healthy stock of patient-ready equipment to deliver to our customers right when they call.

Running a 24/7 operation, you are always planning for what might happen next. We do everything in our power to prepare as we learn our customers and their habits. We have customer and model-specific notes that are entered for each account to remind us of how they like the equipment configured. This helps us get the order right every time. There are many items that we stock spares of in our vehicles just in case. We also know that for certain customers, we should always load up extra bed frames, ventilators, monitors, or IV pumps, so we are prepared to help in case of an emergency.

The La Mirada office opened up three years ago with a goal to better serve our customers in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. We are now looking to add an additional location to continue our mission of delivering the best service possible, partnering with our clients to help them secure the equipment they need so they can focus on their jobs - saving lives.

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