Med One to One Fall/Winter TWENTY NINETEEN ISSUE 61

AHRMM in Arm

Written By: Bryson Cutler & Tim Loftis

Healthcare associations provide a wide variety of services for both healthcare providers and the companies that offer products and services to them. One organization that Med One has been proud to ally with is the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM). Since 2014, we have had an association with AHRMM and have exhibited at their annual conference each year. During these conferences we have developed many great relationships with those attending the show.

The AHRMM group is a professional membership organization affiliated with the American Hospital Association. It is the leading membership group for health care supply chain professionals and has thousands of active members. The group provides education, leadership, and advocacy to supply chain professionals across the country. They have nine regions and have over 30 chapters who conduct meetings, conferences, and share best practices. All chapters are committed to improving how the supply chain impacts cost, quality, and outcomes.

Supply chain leaders and materials managers are key decision-makers within most hospitals. Therefore, the AHRMM and its membership of supply chain personnel fit our niche perfectly. We viewed attending their events as an excellent opportunity for Med One to showcase our medical equipment and services. As Med One has established distribution centers across the country, there has been an increasing interest to be an exhibiting vendor at many of the local AHRMM chapter events. Members of our rental and leasing sales teams have exhibited at these events in California, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. At our corporate office in Utah, Tim Loftis, an Equipment Finance Sales Executive, became especially involved in the creation of the Rocky Mountain AHRMM (RM-AHRMM). Tim shares about his contribution and experience with the organization.


Since I attended my first national AHRMM conference five years ago, I have been fortunate to learn about AHRMM and the value it provides to the healthcare industry. I recognized that as one of the leading healthcare finance companies in the country everything we do is aligned with the efforts of supply chain and materials management professionals and there is much that we could do to support them. After that first national conference I reached out to the board of the Rocky Mountain AHRMM to see what I could do to help the industry in our region. Four years later, I now serve as Co-President of the Chapter after serving as the Communications Director and the Secretary. <

Med One has become an integral part of the Rocky Mountain AHRMM and we are proud to be members and Gold Sponsors of the organization. We host events and board meetings, encourage the support and participation of our associates and vendors; we are also leading efforts to launch a new University Outreach program for RM-AHRMM by providing scholarship resources for the program. But the greatest service we provide to our chapter is the creation, development, maintenance and management of the RM-AHRMM website.

The RM-AHRMM website is visually stunning, building off of the natural beauty of Utah. But more importantly it is a robust and effective site that allows us to provide content about our organization and events, manage the member databases, collect dues and sponsorship contributions and give our supply chain community a central place for information.

The friendships and relationships I have developed through AHRMM have been invaluable. I have learned so much about the supply chain industry and how they are critical to providing excellence in healthcare. Med One and I look forward to many more years working with the Rocky Mountain AHRMM, the national AHRMM and other chapters across the country to do all we can to support the great people in healthcare supply chain and the AHRMM principles.

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