Med One to One Summer / Fall TWENTY TWENTY ISSUE 64

View From The Field Hayward California Distribution Office

View From The Field
Hayward, California

Written By: Michael Sanchez

Here at Med One in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area, we start our daily operation with a conscious process of selecting and developing the best course of action to accomplish clearly defined objectives. Our planning involves four elements: a vision, an agenda, a set of priorities, and scale of operation.

We maintain safe practices each day, such as frequent hand washing, using appropriate disinfectants, wearing decontamination suits, and wearing PPE. We continually clean and wipe down our office and break room on a daily basis to reduce the potential exposure to COVID-19. We have also reduced sharing common spaces and touching frequently used objects.

The San Francisco Bay is not without its geographical challenges. With a mountainous peninsula and hilly terrain, the typography creates many complicated deliveries. It is crucial for our drivers to have constant communication, attention to detail, and good driving techniques. We frequently discuss these topics in our morning meetings. We encourage our drivers to collaborate and participate in these meetings by sharing their experiences.

The most challenging task of our daily operations is remaining flexible. As supply and demand fluctuate day to day, our strategies must remain flexible in dealing with changing conditions. Prioritization of patient ready equipment can be tough, especially when our priorities shift on a daily basis. Obviously, the equipment at the top of our list always takes precedence, but sometimes you have to commit to last-minute scrambling.

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We believe meeting our customers' expectations of on-time delivery requirements has to be our number one priority. It is also important to set the right expectations with our customer base to ensure customer loyalty.

We conduct special training sessions dedicated to customer service so that our drivers know how to handle themselves, keep a cool head, and answer common questions. When complex issues arise, drivers are trained to collaborate with the lead driver or the operations manager to find the best solution. We formally recognize our workers who have done a particularly good job dealing with customers. We are consistently searching for ways to improve our reliability.

Our working culture here at Med One Hayward is very important to all of us. We believe our workplace culture is in our shared values or belief systems, attitudes, and a set of examples that people in a workplace share. Open and honest communication is essential. Very few have ever failed with the hard work approach to making it in life. You may rise slowly, but you are sure to rise.

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