Med One to One Spring/Summer 2022 ISSUE 71



Written By: Leon Alvarez

In April 2021, Med One opened a branch in the center of Colorado, just minutes away from Denver. But my journey with Med One did not start there. Back in 2016, Dathan Calvert (District Operations Manager) gave me an opportunity as someone who was ready to make a difference. During my time in Corona, California, Dathan and Garrett Breistig (Lead Biomed) taught me the meaning of dedication, and over the years, they helped me become the manager I am now for Med One. They both prepared me to tackle anything that is thrown my way, so when news came out about opening an office in Colorado, I felt an opportunity was knocking. I felt with the experience and knowledge I'd obtained that this would be a great opportunity to keep growing and help Med One reach its goals.

I knew setting up an office wasn't going to be an easy task. Off the bat, this office experienced a lot of delays with supplies, materials, contractors, communications, and staffing. And coming from California to Colorado was a challenge in and of itself. One of the biggest differences is the weather. In California, we can see rain and some earthquakes, but in Colorado, we experience rain, high winds, tornados, and snow/blizzards. Nonetheless, going through these challenges taught my team how important teamwork, communication, pride, and dedication are in a workplace.

I've also had the privilege to meet our new customers in Colorado, and our message to everyone is clear, we are ready to provide them with The Med One Way. As we continue growing business in Colorado, we continue to build our culture, creating our mark and establishing new relationships. As far as the office, things were moving slowly, but our equipment transactions picked up as months went by, ultimately hitting a high goal we had set. This was a great accomplishment given the circumstance we were in, but our bell rang, and we answered.

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Fast forward to today, after once operating from a storage unit to now seeing how my office is put together brings me a sense of accomplishment. Despite all the challenges, I never lost sight of our mission. But along the way, we brought in two great people who helped with our customers, brought great ideas to the table, and went through the growing pains. Nicholas Allie and Keith Adams both started as drivers, but now Nicholas is in a Biomed role, and Keith is in a lead role. These moves were great and right for each of them. They both have grown and understand what Med One stands for. Nicholas listens, understands teamwork, and does everything right. Keith is creative, responsive, and has developed a genuine relationship with our customers.

I consistently talk about taking time as we get through our tasks, being patient, and making sure we maintain our integrity in any situation. It gives me great pride to talk to our people about some of the challenges we have faced and how we handle them. It brings unity when these stories are told and guides us to simple and effective solutions. We all have gone above and beyond in our unique way, and together we embody The Med One Way.