Med One to One Summer/Fall 2022 ISSUE 72

Three Ways toStandOut

Written By: LuLu Mecham

Last year when we were making vacation plans, my husband announced that he’d like to take a trip to the Cincinnati area. I had never been and was excited at the idea, but I also found the announcement quite funny. I knew immediately that his motivation behind the trip was more than the typical reasoning of wanting to see the history or try the restaurants of a new-to-us city. He wanted to see a hippo.

Granted, he wasn’t thinking of just any hippo, he wanted to see international sensation Fiona the hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo—in fact, we both wanted to see her. We decided going to Cincinnati would make a fun vacation, and while it wasn’t our only goal to see Fiona, she was a highlight of the trip. We both love animals, and her story has touched many lives.

If you’re not up to date on Fiona, the No. 1 Cincinnatian of the year, you probably would have wondered why there was a lengthy line at her exhibit to see her and her mother Bibi or why two mostly level-headed adults made her an integral part of their vacation plans. Out of all the hippos at all the zoos, what makes Fiona stand out? Honestly, a lot of her notoriety is thanks to her care team.

Fiona was born six weeks early, and she was not expected to survive. She was a dangerously low weight at only 29 pounds, her lungs weren’t developed, she had little muscle control, and she desperately needed fluids and temperature regulation. Her care team at the Cincinnati Zoo was incredibly responsive to her ever-changing status and worked tirelessly to keep her alive. At one point they even got creative and asked for help from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (the one for little humans) to place a lifesaving IV in one of her tiny veins. Throughout her miraculous early life and after each momentous setback or milestone, simple updates were posted online. Her resilience and progress through such dire circumstances and her team’s responsiveness and creativity resulted in her gaining millions of fans all around the world. Today she is happy and thriving, while Cincinnati Zoo continues to be voted as one of the top zoos in the US.

While some of us don’t have stories quite as inspiring as Fiona's or the Cincinnati Zoo's to set us apart, there are going to be times in life where we need to stand out. I remember as a first-gen student applying for colleges and scholarships, I had to figure out what unique circumstances and qualities I possessed that would give my applications an edge over others. You may find yourself applying for a job and wondering how you can stand out from other applicants, you may have an upcoming pitch to a client and want to set yourself apart from competitors, or you could have an idea that you want developed out of hundreds of other ideas.

If you are looking to set yourself apart in your own life, consider implementing Med One's three pillars personally.

Thinking about how the Cincinnati Zoo set themselves and Fiona apart, I was reminded of how Med One utilizes three pillars: Creativity, Simplicity, and Responsiveness,.

In any situation where you would need to personally stand out like looking for employment, edging out competitors, or even in personal relationships, utilizing a variation of these same pillars would be beneficial.

1. Get Creative

Think outside of the box. What if you can find a solution to your problem in another way? Do you have unique experiences or services to showcase? Are you flexible in your approaches?

2. Be Responsive

Consider how and when you talk to people and be aware of your interactions. Be the first to reach out, reply in a timely and considerate manner, and anticipate needs or reactions.

3. Keep it Simple

Be honest and straightforward. It can be tempting to be flowery or extravagant in words, actions, or processes, but that often leads to confusion. Make it easier for everyone and keep things straightforward and simple.

To me, and many, many others, Med One stands out. Med One’s creativity, simplicity, and responsiveness sets us apart from other companies. There have been numerous occasions when employees had to think outside the box and get creative to deliver necessary equipment to hospitals and patients in need. Creativity has also been needed when working with a customer who needs service under certain circumstances or provisions. We are flexible and innovative when working with customers, and it’s a big factor in what makes us stand out. Our responsiveness ties into our goal of having superior and unprecedented service. We do business with efficiency and with customers’ time and obstacles in mind. Lastly, we keep things simple. It’s easy to get a quote from Med One, it’s easy to talk to someone at Med One, and at the end of the day, it’s easy to do business with Med One.

If you are considering business with Med One, we stand out from competitors based on our Creativity, Simplicity, and Responsiveness. If you are looking to set yourself apart in your own life, consider implementing Med One’s three pillars personally and standing out from any crowd.