Med One to One Fall/Winter 2023 ISSUE 73

Everyday, Do It Right

Written By: Chris Enger

When I was in elementary school my mom taught at the same school I was attending. I learned early to be a good student because when I misbehaved in one of my classes I would face my mother’s discipline at home. My childish motivation was to stay out of trouble, I didn’t want to get caught, go home, and face the repercussions.

Part of The Med One Way is “Everyday - Do It Right.” There should be no better feeling every day than knowing the work one is doing is correct. It provides a clear conscience as well as encourages trust between the worker, their employer and their customer.

One may think doing it right every day may be old fashioned or inhibit what one can do creatively, but the opposite occurs. Creativity is enabled and new pathways to help customers are created.

There should be no better feeling everyday than knowing the work one is doing is correct.

There are numerous reasons why we should do it right everyday. I want to focus on two: first, doing it right helps our relationships with our customers; second, it protects Med One.

The first reason for doing it right daily is how it will affect our relationship with our customers. My wife is a gym rat. She loves the rush of endorphins she feels as she completes each work out. She works as a personal trainer at our local gym and over the last eight weeks she has taught a class to a group of gym novices. The class focused on using each piece of equipment and how to have correct technique while performing each exercise.

Having good form, or good technique in the gym is the most important lesson one can learn. It is more important than the amount of weight one lifts or the number of reps one can complete. Whether it is the rowing machine, the bench press, or any other exercise at the gym, if you are doing it incorrectly it will eventually cause a severe strain on the muscles you are trying to work, it will also lead to injury if not corrected, and it isn’t accomplishing the work it is supposed to be doing.

Once the proper technique is learned and consistent time is spent on each exercise, one will see reps and strength increase.

speed limit sign

In our time working with customers both internally and externally, if we fail to do it right everyday, we could strain our relationships which could cause severe injury to that relationship. Ways we could strain that relationship include providing incorrect information because we didn’t take the time to verify, not listening to the needs of our customers, and being up front with information.

The second reason to do it right every day is because it protects Med One. As a driver, I’ve been accused of being super conservative. I rarely drive over the speed limit. To me there are few feelings more rewarding while driving than seeing that police officer positioned to catch speedsters and knowing my speed is where it needs to be and knowing they won’t pull up behind me. That type of peace of mind cannot be purchased.

We want that same feeling for the work we do at Med One. There are laws to follow in business as well as procedures to follow in the office. If we stay within those parameters, we keep a clear conscience and earn the trust of companies around us. Do laws and procedures stop us from finding creative solutions? They should inspire us to find new ways of helping our customers that maybe we haven’t thought of before.

Every Day - Do It Right is one of the easier principles of The Med One Way, and if we continue to follow that principle, we will continue to foster great working relationships while protecting Med One.