Med One to One Fall/Winter 2023 ISSUE 73

Our Team

Written By: Troy Tait

One of my favorite times of the year is October. Many might think that is because of Halloween and the great opportunity we have to gather a nice supply of candy. While I do love collecting “dad tax” on my kids’ and grandkids’ candy bag, Halloween is not the only reason I love October.

As a sports fan, October is perhaps the greatest month ever. You have college football, the NFL, NHL, NBA and the MLB Playoffs and World Series. Throw in a couple of golf tournaments, a NASCAR race, and a premier soccer game, and you have just about every major sport covered. That means you can catch a game just about any time and any day of the week.

As I spend time watching the different games, I am always intrigued by the make-up of each team. Some are built with many new players, and some have more veterans or experienced players. When I look at the scores, it seems the teams who are built with a good mix of experienced players and younger players are the teams that generally win. Having experienced players who are familiar with the game and the strategy or playbook of the team, provides good stability and a strong foundation. That allows the newer or less experienced but very talented players a chance to learn and grow to develop their skills and be a more productive teammate.

Another element of a successful team is their ability to go out and find talented players from other teams and sign them to their team. In college, student athletes utilize the transfer portal for this and in professional sports, there are trades or players are signed at the expiration of a contract. Adding one or two key players from another team can really make a difference on the overall success of a team.

"No matter what challenges our customers face... Med One has the team who can provide a solution to help overcome those challenges."

As I have watched Team Med One grow over the last 28 years, the same elements that make a successful sports team have been implemented. Our ownership and senior leadership group have created a very strong team made up of “veterans” who know the company and the playbook. They have been surrounded by an impressive group of younger players who are extremely talented. We have even brought in several key players through the “transfer portal” to fill key roles and strengthen our team.

We are not a perfect organization, but we are perfect in our commitment to being the very best for our customers. This commitment starts by having a strong team who can do amazing things. No matter what challenges our customers face–supply chain, achieving positive patient outcomes, staffing issues/ morale, high census equipment needs–Med One has the team who can provide a solution to help overcome those challenges.