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Med One Group Observes Core Increases In Rental, Leasing, And Sales Activity In 2014

February 2015

The year 2014 proved to be a year of growth for Med One Group in all aspects including lease revenue, rental revenue, equipment sales, and biomedical services.

As February begins and the last numbers from 2014 have been collected, Med One Group is excited to see growth in lease, rental, and sales revenue. Equipment service and repair opportunities also experienced an increase throughout the past 12 months.

During 2014, Med One increased leasing revenue by 27% from 2013. Rental revenue also experienced a major growth of 95% in 2014 while equipment sales revenue increased by 18%. The biomedical division saw growth as well and serviced 17% more units than in 2013. The increases in these categories are largely attributed to the continued affiliations that have been created with customers, vendors, and other partners. The Med One team resolves to work throughout 2015 to provide the same service and experience to customers that helped facilitate the growth that occurred during 2014.

Along with increased lease, rental, and sales revenue, Med One Group provided service for over 3,000 customers and opened a new rental distribution center in Northern California to better support the surrounding market. Med One has also had the great opportunity to improve and forge new relationships in the California rental market with an increased hospital influence.

It is the hope of Med One Group that 2015 will be another year for growth and expansion as the needs of customers and vendors are met and exceeded. To see distribution center locations, request a quote, and find more information, please visit

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