Press Release

Med One Group Celebrates Twenty-Five Years in Business

April 2016

Med One Group celebrates its first twenty-five years of business as they continue to grow and serve the needs of acute care healthcare providers.

On April 1, 2016, Med One Group celebrated its 25th year in business. April 1, 1991 was a memorable and fateful day, not only for the owners of the newly founded Med One Group, but also for the acute care marketplace. The two owners, Larry Stevens and Brent Allen, began to forge new opportunities for the nation’s healthcare providers to acquire quality and much-needed movable medical equipment. They continue to lead the market with innovative ideas, options and services designed to meet financial and equipment needs in the ever-changing and challenging patient care marketplace.

Med One Group is a privately held financial services and equipment rental company that focuses on exceeding the expectations of customers by partnering with both healthcare providers and medical equipment manufacturers to offer lease, rental and purchase options. Over the last 25 years they have worked with over 3,000 healthcare providers across the US, as well as hundreds of leading medical device manufacturers.

In addition to their original leasing programs, Med One Group has listened to the needs of the healthcare community and has expanded its services to include peak need rentals, biomedical services and sales of previously-leased medical equipment. They offer these services through offices in California, North Carolina, Georgia, and Texas, as well as at their headquarters in Sandy, Utah.

In 2015 Med One Group began a general leasing program designed to meet the needs and challenges of small and medium businesses while continuing to support the Health Care markets.

As they celebrate their 25th Anniversary, they thank those with whom they have had the pleasure of working with throughout the years. They are committed to continuing to exceed expectations by listening to customers, adjusting to change, and offering innovative programs, dedicated service, and quality equipment.

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