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Med One Group Finances $30 Million for Major Healthcare Providers in June

July 2015

Med One Group ends the second quarter with a strong surge of business conducted with major hospitals in 23 different states and in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

In an industry like healthcare, where exceptional service requires exceptional equipment, Med One Group works hard to create a similarly excellent customer experience for all of its healthcare lessees. Along with many new originations, the month of June saw a high number of returning lessees, further suggesting the positive customer experience that Med One provides. Because of this and the flexibility of the Med One team and its customers, Med One saw an increase of business conducted in the month of June.

Med One Group wrapped up the second quarter of 2015 with a strong surge of lease activations that totaled nearly $30 million. Over $10 million of the total leasing was conducted with hospitals in Florida, including facilities in Orlando and Tampa. Other areas of high activity were Kentucky and Idaho. June leases included customers in 23 different states and two locations outside the United States, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. At least a dozen of the new leases were with repeat customers and five were with large, high-profile hospitals and healthcare systems.

Some of the equipment that Med One helped to finance included infusion systems, pharmacy automation, linen supply control and automation, and endoscopy. Leases were also booked for patient bed surfaces and monitors. Major lease originations included enabling the facility-wide upgrade of the drug infusion system for a Tampa hospital, and the implementation of a new drug infusion system for a national hospital corporation.

The closed business for the month of June speaks well of the entire Med One team. Med One Group values the opportunity to be involved with top-tier hospitals that are leading the way in the delivery of healthcare and will work to see the same success in the future.

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