Press Release

On The Road Again... Utah Fast Pass 2012

August 2012

What do exotic sports cars, rural communities and educational opportunities have in common? Seven years ago Utah Fast Pass was created with the mission to give back to the state of Utah. This event combines exotic cars, scenic Utah roadways and interaction with local Utah residents to improve the lives of people in Utah. Med One has been a proud sponsor from the beginning, and in August we again participated in this unique event that positively impacts so many.

Participants pay a $7,000 entry fee and come from all over the United States and Canada to participate. They bring their rare, exotic sports cars and spend the first day at Miller Motorsports Park (Tooele, UT) testing the speed and performance of their cars. Professional racers and novice drivers spend the day squealing tires and attempting to be the fastest car on the track.

After the day at the track, the pace of the event slows down as participants spend the next three days driving the scenic and breathtaking Utah roadways. Stopping at one rural community each day, the members of the community provide participants with a “home-cooked” lunch. Participants put on a car show adults and children alike can enjoy. Each town receives a generous donation for a community development project. City parks, libraries, theatres and other venues have been improved through donations given by Utah Fast Pass. Since the inaugural event in 2006, Utah Fast Pass has donated 1.5 million dollars to Utah communities and students.

Utah Fast Pass also provides educational opportunities for the students of Utah. Every year 40 students are selected to participate in the Education and History Tour. This week long tour takes students to Washington D.C. giving an unforgettable experience to students, many of whom have never traveled outside of Utah or been on an airplane. Realizing that tomorrow’s success starts with teens and young adults, Fast Pass also donates significant resources to help students realize the dream of a college education.

Med One enjoys supporting an organization that makes a difference in so many ways. After another successful year on the road, Med One is privileged to partner with Utah Fast Pass and take part in this great event.