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Med One to Provide Unique Financing Options for Livi™ Medication Dispensers

September 21, 2016

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PharmRight Corporation and Med One Group working together to bring greater value and flexible solutions to Livi™ customers worldwide

PharmRight Corporation, a telehealth technology company based in Charleston, SC, and Med One Group, an equipment finance and rental company based in Salt Lake City, UT, have partnered to facilitate the launch of the Livi™ medication dispenser, a fully-automated, cloud-connected home medication dispensing system designed and developed by PharmRight.

In the U.S. the estimated direct and indirect cost of medication non-adherence totaled $337 billion in 2013, the most recent year for which figures are available according to an Express Scripts 2015 white paper. PharmRight’s Livi™ technology will provide a safe and easy-to-use solution for those who must follow complex medication treatments. The advanced technology of this product is designed to leverage the “Internet of Healthy Things”, one of the fastest growing sectors of IoT.

Med One and PharmRight Corporation are excited about this new partnership which enables PharmRight to scale faster and provide an affordable and flexible finance solution for its customers. Bill Park, President and CEO of PharmRight said, “Having Med One as a partner allows a startup like PharmRight to be in a much better cash flow position right out of the gate. This opportunity will allow us to move quickly into growing other aspects of our business faster.”

About PharmRight

PharmRight Corporation was formed in 2013 to produce devices and offer services that maximize medication adherence and allow patients to age in place. The company has developed Livi™, an innovative, fully-automated home medication dispenser. A new entrant to telehealth, the Livi™ platform is an advanced, extremely reliable and fully automated home medication dispenser managed by an intuitive cloud-based application making real time monitoring of medications quick and easy. Livi™ is designed to simulate the supervision of an on-site caregiver by prompting the user to take the right medication…at the right time…in the right quantity…with the right instructions. A cloud application monitors and captures all user interactions with the device. Family members and professional caregivers can be alerted via text message or e-mail if a user misses a dose or requires a re-fill. Comprehensive medication adherence reports are available via computer and mobile devices.

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About Med One

Med One Group specializes in making medical equipment available through creative leasing, rental, sales, and service solutions. For the past 25 years, Med One has worked with the largest equipment manufacturers and healthcare providers in the industry. They create custom designed finance solutions for healthcare vendors and providers. Each budget friendly solution allows providers the ability to acquire needed equipment, while ensuring a high level of patient care. By using a flexible and responsive approach with creative solutions, Med One continues to find solutions that work best for their customers.

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