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Med One Group Expands to Include General Commercial Leasing

August 2015

Venturing beyond their normal medical industry clientele, Med One Group now offers leases to businesses that operate in other sectors.

At a time when small and middle market business is booming, Med One Group has expanded beyond health care leasing to include general commercial leasing. After 25 years of leasing experience, their flexible financing solutions and leasing infrastructure are now available to help companies outside of the medical industry acquire the equipment they need to operate their businesses.

In recent years, middle-market companies have occupied the healthiest sector of the job market. Med One Group aims to assist these businesses, along with small market companies, in achieving their business goals. In accordance with their resolution to provide flexible financing solutions, Med One Group provides both capital lease and operating lease options that can be completely tailored to individual needs.

Med One offers general leasing services to a diverse number of businesses for a variety of equipment based on each company’s credit level. The types of equipment up for leasing will vary depending on the long-term value of the items. Med One will also continue to look for partnering opportunities with equipment vendors for essential use equipment.

Larry Stevens, president and CEO of Med One Group, stated, "More and more we are finding opportunities to assist businesses that are outside of the healthcare arena with their equipment needs. The collective years of experience in the equipment leasing industry represented by our team members makes this a logical step in our efforts to offer the Med One way of doing things to a much wider customer base."

Med One Group aims to assist small and middle market businesses in achieving their company goals. To learn more visit

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