Press Release

Med One Opens New Distribution Center in Northern California

March 2015

Med One Group recently opened a new distribution center in Hayward, California. The center provides the ability to rent medical devices as well as providing other biomedical and delivery services.

In the last several months, Med One Group has prepared a new location to better serve customers in the growing California market. The new center is now open in Hayward, California and provides biomedical, delivery, and device rental capabilities. Devices available in Hayward include infusion pumps, monitors, and respiratory units, while quick delivery of equipment is made available by new delivery vehicles. This location will service the surrounding Northern California area and will be managed locally by Scott Wooster.

Scott Wooster brings over 25 years of experience working with all levels of health care providers. Scott offers the latest technologies, flexible pricing, and terms to ensure Med One can better meet customer needs for quick delivery and quality responses. In addition to the rental area, Scott brings expertise in Asset Management and knowledge of many well-known medical devices.

The distribution center is located at 23785 Cabot Boulevard Suite 301 in Hayward, California. Med One Group currently has three other regional centers located in Corona, California; Concord, North Carolina; and Sandy, Utah. Med One plans to continue expansion as markets require. Contact information can be found at under Contact Us.

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