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Med One Group and iMedical Healthcare Solutions Partner to Deliver Enhanced Medical Equipment Solutions

March 2024

Med One Group, a leading provider of medical equipment rental, leasing, and sales solutions, announces a strategic partnership with iMedical Equipment & Service, dba iMedical Healthcare Solutions. This collaboration provides hospitals with a compelling single-source solution for all their equipment needs while expanding the nationwide presence of both companies with a combined 18 facilities with plans for expansion.

“Both companies' focus has always been on customer service and the quality of equipment,” said Brad Johnson, Senior Vice President of Equipment Rental at Med One Group. “Whether rental, equipment sales or leasing, Med One is excited to partner with iMedical. Together, we can provide the equipment the caregivers need at an affordable price for their facility.”

The partnership will offer several key benefits to healthcare facilities, including:

✱ A Single-Source Solution: Hospitals can now confidently turn to a more robust provider, with the capacity to fully service all their equipment needs across various departments.

✱ Improved Operational Efficiency: Through this partnership, healthcare facilities will optimize equipment use and reduce costs by utilizing value-added services such as quality training, an online portal, and ongoing support.

✱ Expanded Nationwide Footprint: This collaboration marks a significant expansion of Med One Group and iMedical Healthcare Solutions, allowing facilities to benefit from a broader, nationwide offering of comprehensive solutions and exceptional service.

Luc Vallieres, CEO of iMedical, commented on the new strategic partnership, “As a bed and surface specialist, iMedical is excited to partner with Med One and leverage its expertise in the biomedical space by delivering needed healthcare equipment to those who need it most. The partnership of Med One and iMedical prioritizes operational efficiencies and improves patient care and safety.”

Med One Group is looking forward to this collaboration with iMedical, a company that shares values of providing high-quality services, exceptional customer experience, and cost-effective solutions. Med One is dedicated to improving patient care of the healthcare facilities we serve.

iMedical Overview:

iMedical was founded on a mission to enhance patient care and outcomes with quality, affordable medical equipment by providing unparalleled savings, exceptional customer service and uncompromising quality with medical equipment rentals, parts and refurbished equipment sales, and bed refresh programs. iMedical's proactive, collaborative approach provides holistic, tailored solutions, addressing unique needs with a focus on cost-effectiveness and quality. Visit to learn more.

Med One Group Overview:

Med One Group is one of the healthcare industry's largest independent medical equipment leasing and rental companies. The company is renowned for its streamlined and efficient processes and exceptional customer service. Med One operates through 14 strategically located offices and distribution centers throughout the United States, ensuring comprehensive coverage and unparalleled support for its customers.

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