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Med One Group Announces Three New Offices In Western United States

July 2021

Med One Group further expands in the western United States by establishing three new distribution offices: two in California and one in Colorado. The new offices in San Jose, CA; Burbank, CA; and Aurora, CO were all strategically selected to allow Med One to better serve hospitals and clinics in the area that need essential medical equipment. All of these offices will provide infusion pumps, feeding pumps, ventilators, hospital beds, and much more to the areas they serve.

The new distribution center in Burbank will serve nearly 100 different healthcare facilities, including several major health systems in the area. Daniel Moreno, who initially started at Med One’s La Mirada distribution office, has been appointed as Warehouse Manager for this location. He has been with Med One since 2019.

Our newly announced location in San Jose is Med One’s third location in Northern California and seventh in the state. This distribution center will play a key role in delivering lifesaving equipment to major hospitals and healthcare facilities in the area, including some significant children’s hospitals. Randy Raglin, who started at Med One in December 2020, is the Warehouse Manager for this location. He brings 13 years of experience in Logistics and Supply Chain Management with him as he builds the team in the San Jose area.

The new Colorado office is established in Aurora, just outside the capital city of Denver. The team and the equipment there will serve the hospitals and facilities in the Denver Metro Area and other places across the state. Leon Alvarez is the Operations Manager at this location. He has been with Med One since 2016, assisting healthcare facilities by delivering medical equipment and managing the rental operations team in Corona, CA.

Mario Cisneros, National Director of Operations for Med One, commented on the new locations.

We are excited for our increased capacity to assist hospitals both in California and Colorado to achieve positive patient outcomes. We understand the equipment we provide is vital to individuals, families, and the clinical staff in the healthcare facilities we serve.”

These three new offices give Med One Group a total of 12 locations across the country. For a comprehensive list of distribution centers, visit the Med One Group website. Med One is dedicated to helping healthcare facilities provide the best patient outcomes and offering high-quality medical equipment and solutions.

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