Press Release

New National Sales Team Announced

January 2013

On November 1, 2012, owners Larry Stevens and Brent Allen announced exciting and new changes for Med One Group. A National Sales Team has been created to sell Med One solutions directly to hospital and healthcare facilities across the nation. This new initiative will allow hospitals and healthcare facilities to have a direct sales rep from Med One Group, and allow Med One to offer customers the complete solution; whether it’s equipment financing, rental, sales, biomedical services or asset management.

Karen Raven was announced as the Vice President and Director of the National Sales team. Karen brings years of experience in the healthcare industry in National Sales, as a Regional Sales Director, and in government contracting and sales. Nine regional sales reps are on the team, each bringing experience in the healthcare industry and a commitment to serve the customer. The change became effective January 1, 2013.

Owners and upper management stressed the importance of teamwork and continuing to make the customer a top priority as this new change is implemented. We hope this new initiative will provide a complete solution for hospitals searching for creative equipment acquisition options. Contact a member of our National Sales team today to learn more! Call 800.248.5882 or email