Press Release

Med One Group Completes Construction on Second Corporate Headquarters Building

April 2016

After a year of construction, Med One Group will open the doors of its second corporate headquarters building, giving them much needed warehouse space and meeting space.

The new Med One Group corporate headquarters building will officially open its doors in April of 2016. After a year of construction, it will now flank the original corporate building and will allow the growing company to continue to expand.

The 23,061 square foot building is made up of 160 tons of steel, 80,000 bricks, and hundreds of feet of electrical wiring. The warehouse space will approximately double in size and will provide needed room for our expanding equipment acquisitions. The building will feature a large conference room and a great room for company gatherings. The majority of the main floor will initially be leased out to other businesses, but as the Med One workforce grows the company will have space to expand.

Mark Stevens, the Senior Vice President of Operations, said the following about the new building:

“In recent years as business has grown and evolved, there’s been a greater need for more warehouse space for equipment as well as a need to expand our space for company meetings and training. Med One Group is a company that is willing to adapt and evolve within its business. This new building is an important aspect of the company’s future planning, growth and maturity.”

Med One Group has enjoyed extraordinary success in its first 25 years of business as evidenced by the growth of assets, its expansion into new areas of the country, its growing work force and now the addition of a beautiful building at the corporate headquarters. The company looks forward to the future for even more growth and opportunity.

Med One Group / / April 2016