Press Release

Med One Group California Branch Experiences Significant Growth

Feb 2016

The Med One Group Corona, CA branch is furthering its capacity to serve those in need of customized financial and rental solutions by moving to a larger office and warehouse space. Along with increasing their space the branch has added new personnel to aide in the growth process.

Since its founding in 1991, Med One Group has seen significant and steady growth as a provider of leasing and rental solutions for hundreds of medical facilities in communities throughout the United States. Because of the increasing customer base and expanding product market at their Corona, CA branch, they have moved to a larger facility and increased the personnel in their staff. The staff at the Corona branch is confident they can maintain this steady growth with their added staff and space.

The Corona, CA branch has been in operation for just under 3 years and started out with only 2 employees. They specialize in rental of medical equipment, specifically infusion pumps, ventilators, monitoring devices and, most recently bed frames and support surfaces. The offices are now located at Lewis Court in Corona, CA.

The move to the new facility will give the Corona branch an additional 5100 square feet, a large portion of which will be used to manage the high volume of support surface rentals they handle. From 2014 to 2015 business increased 170% percent, and this year they plan on renting more than 20,000 units.

Troy Tait, Senior Vice President of Customer Care, made this statement: "We are very excited about our new location in Corona. Not only will this site allow us to better serve the surrounding area more effectively, it will also serve as a distribution center. We can now process a larger volume of equipment here and then send it to smaller, more centralized locations. This will enable us to provide an even higher level of customer support. The combination of the additional space and our amazing sales and support teams make this a prime business opportunity."

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