Press Release

Med One Group Provides Key Support for a Multi-Million Dollar Pharmacy Management Upgrade

November 2014

For several years, Med One Group has provided key financing support to one of Oregon’s largest academic hospitals. In 2014, this hospital completed the implementation of a multi-million dollar pharmacy management system throughout its facility with the intent to significantly upgrade its capabilities in delivery and efficiency of its large-scale, in-patient pharmacy operations. Med One’s role in this project stemmed from a relationship with both the hospital and the vendor, and the developed relationships contributed to the overall collaboration that drove the project to completion.

The financing of this lease, as with any large transaction, demanded a high level of creativity in structure, flexibility in documentation, and coordinated communication between Med One, the equipment vendor, and the end user.

As with many projects of this size, this complete upgrade took just over two years to fully implement. In the end, all parties profited greatly from their mutual involvement. The hospital now has a state of the art automation system, the vendor has a major center of excellence for its product, and Med One has demonstrated to both that it has the resources, capability, and expertise to support big ticket, strategic financing projects.

Med One Group / / Nov 2014