Press Release

Helping the Community Drive Smarter

November 2011

In November 2011, Med One Group was proud to help educate students about drowsy driving. Members of the Med One team traveled to a local elementary school and spent an afternoon educating sixth grade students as part of the Zero Fatalities campaign specifically focused on drowsy and impaired driving (Sleep Smart Drive Smart).

Students put together puzzles, attempted to shoot baskets and drive scooters around cones while wearing fatal vision goggles, and played trivia games to test their knowledge of safe driving. A highway patrolman also spoke to the kids, teaching them how to help their parents and those around them drive smarter and avoid dangerous situations. At the end of the day each student received prizes and items to remind them of the importance of safe driving.

Sleep Smart Drive smart was formed in 2005 with the mission to increase community awareness of the danger caused by drowsy or fatigued driving. With increased education and awareness, the goal is to decrease the number of fatalities related to drowsy driving.