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3 Advantages of Patient-Controlled Analgesia Pumps

3 Advantages of Patient-Controlled Analgesia Pumps

Patient-controlled analgesia is a particular type of pain dispensation that allows patients to decide how frequently they receive a dose of pain medicine. Depending on the circumstances, a PCA pump is more suitable than having a nurse administer individual doses. Let’s look at three advantages of patient-controlled analgesia pumps and see how they benefit patient outcomes.

Safety Monitoring

Though a nurse will not administer medicine orally, they will make more frequent monitoring visits to a patient. They may need to wake a patient to examine breathing ability and ensure no other side effects are surfacing. Should any friends or family stay with the patient, it’s critical that they report any new findings to the nurses immediately.

Optimized Healthcare

The satisfaction rates are higher in patients who use a PCA pump compared to those who still receive oral pain management. Patients with more managed pain tend to move around more frequently, which cuts back on their risk of blood clots during their post-op recovery period.

The ability to move around quicker can promote a healthier recovery process altogether and decrease the risk of anxiety and depression. In turn, these patients benefit from early discharge and faster recovery rates.

Medical Control

In most medical situations, patients experience increased anxiety from a lack of control or fear of the unknown. By offering patients a PCA pump, you’re allowing them to have power in an area that is often the most challenging—pain.

The pumps feature settings for a small, consistent flow of medicine or manual release through a button when discomfort arises. When the patient has the ability to control their pain and circulate their blood flow, the amount of medicine they use in total decreases significantly.

After reviewing the advantages of patient-controlled analgesia pumps, reach out to Med One Group today for questions about acquisition options. We offer pumps for a multitude of budgets, and our team of experts can assist you in selecting the right equipment for your facility.