PCA Infusion Pumps

Med One Group offers a wide variety of PCA infusion pumps manufactured from the industry’s leading brands. You can trust Med One Group to provide you with these specialized devices to help your patients cope with post-surgery pain or other chronic pain.

Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) refers to a method of pain control in which the patient controls the timing of pain medication dosage. A PCA pump contains doctor-prescribed pain medication connected directly to the patient through an IV line.

PCA Pumps from Med One

PCA Pump FAQ's

What is a PCA pump?
It is a medical device that allows patients the power to control their pain. The pump contains a syringe of pain medication as prescribed by a doctor and is connected directly to a patient’s IV line.

How does a PCA pump work?
In some cases, the pump is set to deliver a small, constant flow of pain medication. Additional doses of medication can be self-administered as needed by having the patient press a button. Other times, a patient can control when he or she receives pain medication and does not receive a constant flow.

What patients can use a PCA pump?
Patients recovering from surgery often are equipped with PCA infusion pumps. They can also be used by people coping with other kinds of pain. (chronic, sickle cell, etc.) Children who are 4-6 years old may be able to use the PCA with the help of a parent or nurse. Many children who are as young as 6 can independently use the PCA pump.

How often should a PCA pump be used?
The pump can be used whenever the patient is feeling pain. However, patients should not press the button on the machine if they are feeling too sleepy. The more alert the patient is, the more likely he or she is to participate in a therapy program to aid and possibly shorten recovery. Once the acute pain from surgery is controlled, the patient is usually switched to pills for pain relief.

What are the most popular PCA pumps used in a hospital setting?
Alaris System PCA (modular system) ICU Medical PCA device, BBraun Curlin PCA device.

Can patients overdose on PCA pumps?
The PCA devices in the market currently have safety software in them that can avert errors if decimals are missed or extra keys pressed. Without the “smart pump” technology, an overdose could happen.