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Syringe Pump Safety Measures You Should Be Practicing


The technology in hospitals requires the proper knowledge to ensure there are no mistakes. These procedures are especially important when operating a syringe pump. Knowing the appropriate safety measures for a syringe pump will potentially save a life, and it's important to uphold the hospital's reputation for future patients.

Go Through Each Setting To Ensure No Mistakes

Numerous parts of the syringe pump require input. The patient will need a specific rate of medication transfers, and caretakers must check the setting of the final volume when the necessary amount is reached. Syringe pump safety practices involve many inputs, and you must always double-check to ensure everything is correct.

Numerous things in a pump system may go wrong, and many of those issues stem from incorrect inputs. A Medfusion syringe pump has multiple buttons that allow for inputs to help patients and suit their needs. Mistakes with a Medfusion pump normally occur from human error, such as incorrect inputs. Double checking the values on the machine will help prevent any accidents with the patient’s medication.

Ensure the IV Is Secure

An IV must be secure to ensure the patient is unharmed by the needle that moves with the tubing. Secure the IV with tape or wraps in multiple places, including the area before the injection site. This safety measure for the syringe pump will keep your patient satisfied and the pump performing optimally.

Fit the Pump to the Patient Properly

The pump is meant to be portable and allow for easier movement. For active patients, you'll need to make sure the pump is in a pouch strapped in a comfortable position before letting them walk around, as inappropriate movements will cause the tubes to bend a certain way that stops the medicine or causes an error.

The syringe pump is a very useful tool that helps many people every day. The medical professionals who equip it for patients should follow these safety measures to ensure it gives patients the help they need.