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Why IV Administration Sets Are Vital to the Medical Field

Why IV Administration Sets Are Vital to the Medical Field

The medical field benefits from a variety of devices, components, and large equipment which help bridge the gaps between providers and patient care. Invaluable aspects for all medical applications include the IV administration set and corresponding syringe pump. This medication delivery method plays a vital role in optimizing care plans and pharmaceutical delivery. Let’s take a closer look at the overall value of these items to the healthcare industry.

Optimized Medicine Delivery

IV administration sets are customizable per a patient’s needs and can optimize their ability to heal. Each set connects to the inserted needle and attaches to a pump housing the data, medication, and delivery performance. Should the standard line need an extension, care providers can attach extension sets, and there is no risk of contamination.

The Different IV Sets Used in Healthcare

A patient’s therapeutic demands will determine the IV set necessary to administer pharmaceuticals.

  • Vented. Vented IV sets are most compatible with glass or plastic containers. Fluid cannot flow through hard containers without adequate venting.
  • Non-vented. Opposite of vented sets, non-vented IVs use malleable tubing and do not contain a vent. Air must be released from the tubing prior to use.
  • Filtered. A filtered IV set can help remove potential contaminants from the medication and ultimately protects the patient. These sets are available in a wide range of sizes and suit various medications.
  • Gravity Tubing. Gravity tubing relies heavily on gravitational pull and regulators to administer medications. The pharmaceutical bag hangs above the patient and gravity pulls the designated amount through the tubing into the patient.

Customized Patient Care

For the healthcare industry to remain a patient’s lifeline, the industry must be able to provide customized and quality patient care. IV administration is applicable to various needs in the medical field, including congestive heart failure, epidural for childbirth, cancer or associated pain issues, gastrointestinal diseases, and much more.

The needs of a patient will outline a clear path for caregivers to provide the necessary treatments and use the corresponding IV set and infusion pump. The equipment, devices, and components offer smart technology to administer the appropriate amounts of medicine set forth by the provider.

Med One Group offers a quality selection of infusion and syringe pumps including Medfusion 3500 syringe pumps equipped to meet the needs of various IV administration sets and pharmaceutical demands. To learn more about how our devices can benefit your facility, reach out to us today!