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Why Preventative Maintenance Matters for PCA Pumps

Why Preventative Maintenance Matters for PCA Pumps

The widespread use of PCA pumps contributes to various healthcare facilities' ability to meet patients' needs. There are multiple reasons these devices are useful, from post-op pain management to hospice care. Without routine care and maintenance, these pieces of equipment can become dangerous and costly on a facility's budget. Let's discuss why preventative maintenance matters for PCA pumps!

Patient Safety

A PCA pump allows patients to control their pain management needs on-demand, which can cut back on bedside nursing and enable nurses to enhance their care in other areas. If a machine does not receive routine maintenance, a facility is at a higher risk of jeopardizing the patient's safety.

Additionally, a malfunctioning PCA pump is costly on a facility's budget. Acquiring a PCA pump requires all the right resources and a vendor who can accommodate the facility's financial needs. By leasing a machine, you can receive regular maintenance per the agreement.

Satisfactory Recovery Periods

A significant role in why clinicans use a PCA pump is the ability to set a recovery period for the patient to achieve. In the case of a surgical procedure with post-op pain management, enabling the patients to recover timely and adequately sets them up for success when they leave the care facility.

Preventative maintenance can keep the pumps running efficiently and accurately and provide satisfactory recovery periods.

Efficiency In Medicine

When it comes to why preventative maintenance matters for PCA pumps, the efficiency in medicinal administration is a priority. Patients can request administration through a controlled button at timed intervals set by the prescribing doctor and nurse.

A malfunctioning pump can deem these intervals ineffective and cause a lag in administration, inaccurate dispersion, or unsatisfactory levels of care.

Med One Group can ensure that your medical equipment is routinely cared for and that proper preventative maintenance occurs. To learn more about our selection of PCA pumps, reach out today!