KAP Medical K-3 Elite Mattress System



The KAP Medical K-3 Elite System uses effective means of providing multi-zoned pulse therapy with continuous True Low Air Loss relief. It has a bedpan feature, in which mattress center section can be deflated to assist in bedpan procedures. Mattress system with Wireless Auto Upright (Fowler) Sensor. Smart Support Surface™ (SSS) provides real time and accurate patient interface pressures below capillary occlusion with enhanced Pulse – True Low Air Loss therapy and patient.

The mattress uses materials of superior quality and provides effective pulse therapy with low interface pressures. As with other KAP Medical support surfaces it is lightweight and all of the components such as manifold, tubing assembly, air cushions, top sheet, and foam base are interchangeable and can be easily cleaned or detached for laundry.

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