Gaymar 7900 Medi-Therm III



The Medi-Therm MTA 7900 Hyper/Hypothermia System helps regulate patient temperature through a state-of-the-art microprocessor control. Separate heating and cooling reservoirs deliver rapid thermal response. The rate- controlled warming option allows caregivers to progressively increase temperature and reliably stabilize patient temperature at a selected set point.

- Noninvasive, catheter-free procedure helps reduce the risk of infection.

- Dual over-temperature monitoring systems help safeguard the patient’s well being and comfort.

- Quickly stabilize patient temperature at selected set point.

- Intuitive user interface with LED screen makes operation easy.

- Maintenance-free, rate-controlled warming with rapid initiation so you can begin therapy in minutes.

- Designed for protocols prescribed by a physician.

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