Med One to One Fall/Winter TWENTY NINETEEN ISSUE 61

View From The Field
Alpharetta, Georgia

Written By: Chad Agliam

View From The Field Alpharetta Atlanta Distribution Office

What does a day at Med One Alpharetta entail? Days here are anything but boring, each day brings new challenges that you must undertake. For starters, one minute you're on your way to busy downtown Atlanta and the next minute, you'll get a call to deliver ventilators all the way up in North Carolina. You never know what your daily schedule will be. Every day is different, and that's what makes our jobs so much fun. We have serviced hospitals in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, and even Virginia. Making our customers happy is our number one goal. Knowing that the piece of equipment you're delivering is going to help someone's family member or friend is the best feeling in the world.

My drivers are an essential part of the success here at our office. They cover a lot of ground and are asked to do things that not everyone can do. The most recent trip my driver Nick took was a tall order. I sent him to South Carolina at 8:00 AM to retrieve some of our equipment coming off rent. He got back to our office at about 3:30 PM. Then we got an order for 10 Stryker beds that same day. No questions asked, Nick jumped into a 26-foot Penske truck and headed to our Sanford office at 5:00 PM (an eight-hour drive) to pick up nine beds that were needed to complete this order. At 2:30 AM, Nick and Edgar Galan, the Sanford operations manager, finished loading up all nine beds into the truck. After a night's rest, Nick headed back to Georgia (another eight-hour drive) to get the beds prepped and ready for delivery. This is just one of countless examples of the lengths our drivers go to to support our customers.

Knowing that the piece of equipment you're delivering is going to help someone's family member or friend is the best feeling in the world.

We work very closely with our office in Sanford, Florida. Edgar Galan and I frequently communicate to discuss potential halfway meets to swap equipment. We like to discuss upcoming orders, equipment that is being frequently rented, and anything else that is going on at our locations. Our Biomed technicians, Rodney and Dave, always have equipment ready to go on rent. They also have all the parts stocked for potential repairs. Many times, the Biomed techs are asked to help decontaminate the equipment. This is another small example of the things we do every day to help each other out at Med One.

We do things that aren’t expected of us to get the job done and keep our customers satisfied. Day in and day out, everyone is going above and beyond to make Med One on the East Coast successful.

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