Med One to One Winter/Spring TWENTY TWENTY ISSUE 62

Employee Spotlights

Neal Hatfield Biomed Technician Manager Neal Hatfield I was born in Salt Lake City, where I was adopted at five days old and then raised as a farm boy and mechanic in Springville, Utah. I was raised by the most amazing parents that taught me how to work and play. I was the middle son of three boys and lived at home until I got married in the Provo temple at 19 (my wife was 20 by four days) to my best friend Kathy and have been married for the last 32 years. I met my beautiful wife when I got set up on a blind date and haven’t looked back since.

After my wife and I were married, we moved all the way to Spanish Fork and have lived there for all but 6 months when we lived in Bellevue, Nebraska. We have six children, five girls and one boy, two sons-in-law, and three granddaughters. My family is my life. Spending time with the family is what makes life worth living.

I also love working on all things mechanical and electronic. While growing up on the farm, everything was old, and something was constantly in need of repair, including the wrecked cars that my dad would buy and restore. My dad had me rebuilding carburetors at seven or eight years old, and I rebuilt my first engine at nine or ten. As much as I hated it then, I really enjoy doing it now when I get the chance. I absolutely love helping others fix things when I get the chance.

I have been in the Biomed field since 1990 and originally got started with a company called Medirec, which was the same company Larry and Brent were working with at the time. I have worked for several hospitals and was the Biomed that helped open Mountain Point Medical Center in Lehi, Utah, in June of 2015. I have also worked for the manufacturers Siemens, Draeger Medical, and Haemonetics as a field service engineer for each company, and have traveled all over the U.S. and the five western Canadian Provinces in those positions.

I currently work in the Biomed Department in the Sandy office and have been here for the last four years. I love working with people and being able to help the customers and the technicians I work with. Of all the things that I do for the company, I most enjoy the chance to serve and help others. I love what I do for a living and will be doing it for years to come.

Sonny Le Biomed Repair Technician Sonny Le I was born in Fountain Valley, CA, and raised in the Orange County area, specifically Westminster and Garden Grove. I am the second oldest of six children, with four brothers and one sister. I don’t have any kids but do have a fur baby named Oreo. Oreo is a Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix named after the color of his fur. He has been with my family for 10 years now. I also have a fiancé, whom I have been with for almost 14 years. She has been my biggest supporter and the love of my life. We are finally tying the knot this fall. I am excited to start this new chapter in our lives together.

In my spare time, I am usually playing sports or doing something outdoors. I enjoy being active whenever I have the time. I recently picked up a love for mountain biking, and also enjoy cycling, bowling, fishing, and hiking. I play recreational softball for Team Mobis (Hyundai parts division) on Wednesdays, and I play flag football on Saturdays (when I can). My flag football team also supports a local youth group called EAYIKES. Additionally, I really enjoy reading articles and watching "how-to" videos.

I graduated from Golden West College with a degree in Social and Behavioral Science/Criminal Justice. Currently, I work as a Biomedical Repair Technician for Med One. I love that every day is new and never the same. Med One is growing and offers a lot of flexibility. I also really like the management and work culture that we have at Med One.

Braden Mackay Territory Sales Manager Braden Mackay I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved to the U.S. just over 20 years ago. My childhood is filled with memories spending most vacations on safari, something I had the opportunity to introduce my fiance to last year. The majority of my family is still in South Africa, and I try and visit as often as possible.

I'm an extremely lucky man to have found the love of my life, and Marissa and I are excited to be tying the knot this August. I've spent the majority of my adult life split between the Bay Area and Sacramento, working in not-for-profit marketing, management consulting, tech, and medical sales.

I'm an avid traveler, having been to more than 15 countries and about the same number of states. I spend a lot of time at the gym and have a real love for food. Motorsports is my passion and hobby; I spend a lot of weekends at the racetrack with friends, and for the last two years have been hosting an annual motorsports and music festival charity event here in California.

Med One is so much more than a "job." I've worked for quite a few different companies in a variety of industries and have never quite felt so much "at home." The family atmosphere and culture I have experienced here over the last 18 months are quite unique. I can definitely say that the career choice I made to join this team as a Territory Sales Manager has been the best of my professional life. The opportunity we have each day to impact the lives of those around us, health care professionals and patients alike is the core of what I love about being on this team. I'm looking forward to continued growth here, personally and professionally.

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