Med One to One Spring/Summer TWENTY TWENTY ISSUE 63

View From The Field
San Diego, California

Written By: Josh Valantine

View From The Field San Diego California Distribution Office

What makes our customer service amazing? Sometimes it’s just the attitude of the people. Sometimes it’s some creativity. Sometimes it’s the company and the employees having fun.

I believe, at Med One, we set ourselves apart by our customer service. . . Answering the phone in a timely and friendly manner, anticipating the customer's needs before they call, paying attention to the customer's needs when delivering equipment, going above and beyond to deliver equipment any time of the day or night, helping nursing staff change out a bed and waiting until they are done with a patient to make sure they are happy. It's the little things that we do that makes our customers happy and keep calling us.

Our San Diego office is a little smaller than some, but we still provide the same service and coverage as any other office at Med One. We have one driver that covers the morning shift and one for the afternoon shift. We rotate being on call for overnight and weekend calls. Our drivers are absolutely amazing. They are the face of Med One. I love getting customer feedback from them every day. I encourage our drivers to get to know the hospital staff by talking to them and finding out what their day is like. I tell our drivers to ask questions about what they might need in the coming days so we can anticipate what equipment we will need. It's not just about driving a truck or dropping off equipment. It's about helping customers. If we can make the customer's day a little easier by giving them peace of mind knowing that Med One is on it, then we are doing a good job. We strive to deliver as quickly as possible to each and every customer. We take extreme pride when we can provide equipment to a customer in need. Whether it's 9 am or 9 pm, we put the customer first.

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We work with the best healthcare facilities and hospitals anywhere in the country! We work with some amazing healthcare staff, administrators, and nurses. We try to get to know each staff member at every location. Showing up to a loading dock or respiratory department and greeting the staff by name is a great way to show we care. Getting to know different staff members and learning about how they run their facility gives us a good insight into future needs. Learning about the staff members personally and who their favorite sports team is or what they are watching on Netflix is just a bonus. When you see them every day, it's not just about delivering medical equipment. Some days get busy. Multiple deliveries and pickups all over San Diego can make the days long. We always find that with each delivery, hearing the customer say, “thank you, Med One is amazing!” makes it worthwhile.

Our San Diego office covers all of San Diego and Imperial County. There are over 30 accounts that we provide equipment for in our region. We cover everything from children's hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to universities. We keep in stock the most commonly requested equipment in San Diego. Over the last year and a half, we have learned what our hospitals need. Since our office is still growing, we often share and transfer equipment with the La Mirada and Corona warehouses. We drive up to La Mirada or Corona at least a few times a week. Communication with warehouse managers, Sergio and Leon, is key to making the job as easy and time-efficient as possible. We often schedule halfway meetups with their delivery drivers to make our drive times a little shorter.

These days it can be challenging to deliver during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every location has its own rules and check-in procedures. Over the last month, we have been in contact with department managers to keep up with their safety policies. We try to be as flexible as we can when delivering equipment. Going through a hospital screening station and having our own PPE is much appreciated by all the staff members we meet. Being mindful of how we protect ourselves is just as important as providing great service to our customers.

Med One San Diego is focused on providing great service to our local hospitals and healthcare customers. Our team is ready to deliver!

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