Med One to One Fall / Winter TWENTY TWENTY ISSUE 65

Employee Spotlights

Jay Swanigan Biomed Equipment Cleaner / Corporate Office in Sandy, UT Jay Swanigan I was born and raised in Ogden, Utah, 34 years ago. I grew up on the mountainside of East Canyon at the top of 21st street. I am highly family-oriented. I am very close with my mother, brother, and sister. I graduated from Northridge High and never attended college, but I can say that I am self-taught in many things. I love to learn! I've always found art, music, and business to be my biggest curiosities!

I am a single man thriving to not only understand life from all walks and ends but to make the most of my successes as well. I enjoy nature and all its beautiful animals as well as composing music, inventing new concepts to help the world, drawing, and painting. I am a highly experienced drummer and founder/CEO of my own business.

I enjoy studying the supernatural. I'm big into learning about many new subjects/documentaries. I enjoy attending fun meetups when I can. I also enjoy reading meaningful books on business, life, science, technology, etc. I love to do arts and crafts, build things, and help others with their inventive ideas.

I am an experienced equipment cleaner here at Med One Group. I also make sure that the quality of our pumps is in the best shape before we send them out. I love the fact that not only can I clean the pumps, but I can also be a quality inspector as well! I also come up with new ideas to help make the warehouse and the cleaning functions within it better.

Josh Valantine Warehouse Manager / San Diego, CA Office Josh Valantine I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley just north of Los Angeles. I have one older brother who lives in Texas. After high school, I went to a trade school in Phoenix to study studio recording and live sound. I moved to San Diego after school and worked for an entertainment production company doing live sound mixing for bands. I have traveled extensively through the US and Europe for work and was able to work with some amazing bands.

In 2005 I met my wife, Leslie, and we got married in 2007. We have two children, Olivia (8) and Ben (5). They both keep us pretty busy. We like playing board games and Lego Star Wars video games. I enjoy spending time with my family. We like to go camping and go on road trips. I recently picked up a hobby of wood carving. I’ve made little carvings of birds, people, and tiki theme statues. My wife has her own at-home company selling hand-dyed yarn. She has grown her business over the last eight years and has built a great following in the crafting world.

At Med One, I work as the warehouse manager in the San Diego office. I enjoy the job and being able to help hospitals. I work with great people that make coming into work fun and enjoyable. Working for Med One has been a big career change for me, but it has been a great experience.

Nick Abdulkarim Lead Delivery Driver / Alpharetta, GA Office Nick Abdulkarim I was born in Pakistan but was raised here in GA for 20+ years. My family means everything to me, especially my parents. I am truly blessed to have them. We came to the US when I was a toddler, and I can still remember all the struggles they faced, not just financially, but as immigrants as well. I remember the long shifts they would work in order to simply make ends meet. If it weren't for my parents, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I am the only child, so even while struggling, I think it's safe to say I was still spoiled.

I have one 3-year-old daughter whose name is Maira. She's my little angel and has changed my life! That child is full of wonders. She's the main reason behind everything I do; I do it all for her and to make sure she has and will have everything she wants! Realistic and reasonable, of course.

My hobbies are music and everything about cars! I personally like vehicles such as the Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Marauder, and Dodge Charger – pretty much big sedans with big V8 engines! In my spare time, I like to look at vehicles that I am not financially capable of getting LOL!

I started off with Med One as a driver in December 2017 – since then, I felt like I have found something long term, something that will help me succeed not only at work but in life as well. We have many stressful & overwhelming situations, especially the fact that it was only Chad and me here for a while. I believe he saw potential in me to grow right alongside this great company – and not too long afterward, I was very honored to have been promoted by Chad & Mr. Ken Dohnal to Lead Driver. Med One has changed my life for the better!

I admire everything about my job! Learning new things is always an opportunity, and we have a GREAT support system; everyone is kind-hearted and easy to work with – I really enjoy working here with the fellas (Chad & Brandon). I also love to drive, so that worked out perfectly. We all work together to ensure that each and every one of our customers – no matter where/how/when – will have everything they need, while at the same time, providing our exceptional customer service!

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