Med One to One Fall / Winter TWENTY TWENTY ISSUE 65


How has COVID-19
impacted your job?

Mike Schmitt Territory Sales Manager - Rental / Sanford, FL Mike Schmitt "COVID-19 has posed a lot of obstacles and challenges for most businesses throughout the world, including Med One. The way that I perform my role has been completely impacted because of limitations implemented by most, if not all, hospitals.

Instead of meeting face-to-face, technology has played a critical role in allowing me to meet our customers' needs. From Zoom to conference calls, I've had to change my strategy, all the while meeting our customers' demands. There's an old Zen proverb that says, "Obstacles don't block the path; they are the path." COVID-19 has certainly proven that for me this year."

Julie Harrison Equipment Finance Sales Executive / Chicago, IL Julie Harrison "When asked the question of how has COVID-19 impacted my job, I immediately think of my daily routine – heading out early to meet with several hospitals a day to discuss their needs and how Med One Group could be a fit for them. Upon reflection, the "impact" of COVID-19 is nothing more than the physical part of my role, as our access to hospitals is very limited, and in turn, in-person meetings are unobtainable. Yes, this is difficult because the in-person connection is the best and most valuable part. Perhaps this is a reset button we've all needed in order to strengthen our message, get creative, and dig deep to fulfill our roles. Our message hasn't changed, only our delivery: we fuel patient care by contributing to the common goal of providing the best patient care possible in the Med One way, which is making equipment available."

Braden Mackay Territory Sales Manager - Rental / Hayward, CA Braden Mackay "COVID-19 has impacted my position here at Med One in a multitude of ways. Our customers' needs are endlessly changing. Although our access to the account has been affected, our ability to address these ever-changing needs has become ever more agile. Phone, email, and text are an increasingly essential aspect of our solution creation for these customers, and we are constantly finding ways to create meaningful interactions on a daily basis."

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